China Major Viewpoints

10 May 2022
China Major Viewpoints

          Last week, the domestic steel prices first rose and then fell. Compared with steel prices before the May Day holiday, the prices of construction steel fell slightly by 10-60 yuan/ton in most markets and increased slightly by 10-20 yuan/ton in a few markets such as Tianjin and Chongqing markets;

         The prices of HRC fell slightly by 40-130 yuan/ton with the exception of Chongqing market that increased by 20 yuan/ton; the prices of CRC and plate mixed with up  and down in different markets ranging 10-80 yuan/ton.

         The prices of stainless steel remained stable on the whole. Last week, the steel demands were weak and the transactions were poor. Last Friday, the prices of steel futures fell sharply, which had a significant negative impact to the market sentiments. It is expected that domestic steel prices of major domestic steel varieties will be stable in some markets and fell by about 50 yuan/ton in some other markets
Source : Steelhome

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