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Scarp iron /Scarp metal

Anajuk Roha Roongruang Limited Partnership ANGPRAPHA STEELS CO.,LTD. Asia Scrap Co.,Ltd Baan Konglek Co.,Ltd Bangboo Recycle Co.,Ltd Bangkok Recycle Co.,Ltd BGM Metal Co.,Ltd BGM Metal Scrap Co.,Ltd Botan Recycle Co.,Ltd C.Pattanarungruang Limited Partnership CH.Thipkuakul Steel Co.,Ltd CHALOEMCHAI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Chanakai Steel Co.,Ltd Changcharoen Scrap Iron Recycle Co.,Ltd Charoenphol (JAE DA) Co.,Ltd Eiam kwang mengsteel Scrap Trading Co.,Ltd Gaewgrungthai Co.,Ltd GRAND EAST CAPITAL COMPANY LIMITED Green Metals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd H.P.Steel Co.,ltd Hidakayookoo Enterprises Co.,Ltd Hiran Steel Co.,Ltd Imlee Steel Co.,Ltd Imleechan Import Export Co.,Ltd J P C Metal Co.,Ltd Kavin P.A.Industry Limited Partnership Khayathongpaper & Steel Co.,Ltd KLA LOHAKIT STEEL COMPANY LIMITED Krai Burapha Limited Partnership L.L.T.Metal Co.,Ltd LANLEK TRANSPORT CO.,LTD Laosangcharoen (2002) Co.,Ltd Lekmunwian Co.,Ltd Limimlee Steel Trading Co.,Ltd Log well Co.,Ltd Lohanamchok Co.,Ltd Lorruengchai Metal Co.,Ltd Metal Industrial Mahanakorn (2010) Co.,Ltd MiracleI Intertrade Co.,Ltd. MONG HUAD CHAN LOHAKIJ LTD.,PART Muang Thai Steel Co.,Ltd N.P.A.C. CO.,LTD. Namsang Co.,Ltd P.T.Steel Trading Co.,Ltd P.V.Steel Recycle Co.,Ltd Paiboonruamlohasup Co.,Ltd Pairoch Nimitmai Co.,Ltd Pathum Recycle Co.,Ltd Pornsiri Recycle Co.,Ltd Punthapkasetlek Limited Partnership PURE LOHAKIJ CO.,LTD. RAUMPATTANA STEEL BAR COMPANY LIMITED Raveepet Recycle Co.,Ltd Ruamsatelhekthai Co.,Ltd Ruangroj P. Steel Co.,Ltd Siam Asahi Bundle Co.,Ltd Sunsteelscrap Co.,Ltd Suntech Metals Co.,Ltd Suwanrungruang Steel Co.,Ltd Sีuthiroj Steel Trading Limited Partnership Takonglohakit (NTK) Co.,Ltd Tanachat Steel Co.,Ltd Tanadsri Taweekoon Rungruang (14) Co.,Ltd Thai Compressed and Steel Scraps Co.,Ltd Thai Steel Scrap industry Co.,Ltd Thairuamjit Ltd.,Part Thana Nukunchai Co.,Ltd. Thaweephornlohakij Ltd.,Part Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Co., Ltd. United Recycle Co.,Ltd Vor.Roongrueang Metal Scrap Co.,Ltd
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